Flyer Printing & Design Best Practices


Flyer, leaflet, handout — whatever you call that unfolded 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper, it can be a real powerhouse for marketing your event, product or service.

Typical flyer printing applications include:

  • Promoting a specific event
  • Announcing a new product or service
  • Introducing a new business (“now open!”)
  • Communicating “at a glance” information for future reference

 Flyer Design Tips & Best Practices

When it comes to flyer design, a lot depends on how you’re going to distribute your flyer or expect it to be used. Will you mail it, hand it out, hang it up or leave it wherever your customers gather? Think about how your audience will encounter your message. A flyer that is hung up on a wall needs to be more like signage. One that is mailed could hold more information, because the audience will presumably be able to take more in.

  • Dynamic design can generate pass-along value and grab attention. Think of the band or nightclub flyers you see at coffee shops – they’re like mini posters! But always keep your design brand-appropriate.
  • Keep it simple and bold. Don’t overload your design with too many visuals and multiple fonts.
  • Text should be short and concise. Short Run Printing can print double-sided flyers, so if you have a lot of details to communicate, you could include them on the back.
  • Don’t forget that paper choice has an impact. A nice bright paper stock will help your image pop, and a higher quality of paper can add cachet and credibility to your message.
  • Ask for what you want. Include a strong “call to action” — such as “Call Today” or “Order Now” — and make it very visible to the reader.
  • Don’t forget your contact information! Make sure you include business’ name, phone and/or email, web or physical address.
  • A map is probably not necessary, as people these days can find anything from a simple address. But if you do include a map, pare things down – just show the key streets and maybe one landmark nearby.

What flyer printing best practices have worked for you? Seen any great flyer design ideas lately? Created something cool yourself? Share your experiences in the comment box below. And remember, at Short Run Printing, we’re always here to help you make the most of any project. Just give us a call and let’s talk about your needs.

New Full Color Options from Short Run Printing

Tri=fold Brochure

We are excited to bring you new ways to showcase your products and services in brilliant full color!

Use our new 8.5″ x 11″ flyers and tri-fold brochures to deliver a polished, professional message — plus you can download our free templates to make design and pre-production a lot easier. Either format can be printed single- or double-sided, so you’ve got plenty of room to work with.

We’ve also added to our portfolio of stock options, with three new business-card stocks available for full-color printing. Natural Raglan (80C), Natural Classic Crest® (110C) and Digital White Linen (80C).

At Short run Printing, we’re always listening to our customers and looking for new opportunities to surprise and delight you. Don’t see something you need? Let us know! Leave a comment below with more ideas you’d like to see from Short Run Printing.