Plastic Business Cards: A Stand-Out Solution For Many

Plastic Business Cards

Highly durable, memorable and conveying an air of prestige, plastic business cards are rising in popularity among many businesses. They also offer a number of design qualities you just can’t get from paper — namely, transparency, rigidity and weight.

Short Run Printing’s plastic cards with our state-of-the-art foil printing. You can choose a plastic stock that’s completely clear, with no background color at all. Now imagine what you could do with your design for a truly transparent business card — create try-on sunglasses for an optical shop, for example, or a frame for an art supply store.

Short Run Printing also prints semi-transparent business cards on blue, green, red or smoky grey plastic, for different eWe can even round off or angle the corners, or die-cut the plastic to be a pillar, square or small rectangle. You could make a business card look like a credit card, ID badge, backstage pass, gift card… the possibilities are really exciting.

Plastic business cards may be best suited for customers whose businesses are on the creative or non-traditional side (design studios, hair salons, fitness services, landscapers, etc.), as well as those for whom the durability of plastic aligns with their brand (for example, construction or engineering firms). Here at Short Run Printing we’ve also seen them used for nightclub and event promotion to great effect.

Key Benefits of Plastic Business Cards

  • Coupled with high-impact design, the unique nature of a plastic business card creates pass-along value and memorability.
  • Because they are less prone to wear and tear than paper, plastic business cards may also be kept around longer.

A Few Caveats to Keep in Mind

  • Printing is limited to foil (up to 2 foil colors max).
  • To ensure readability, make sure you have plenty of contrast between the foil color and the plastic stock, and avoid small, light-colored type.
  • Plastic business cards can’t be written on.

Need ideas for plastic business cards?

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