Business Card Design Tips: Raised Ink Thermography QR Codes

Thermographed QR Code

Raised Ink Thermography QR Code Business CardRaised ink printing (aka thermography) adds visible gloss and texture to business cards. The change in texture creates some great creative design opportunities you can use to make your customers’ QR code stand out.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Use a QR code generator that can incorporate a logo or other unique artwork within the code matrix. To highlight the logo/graphic, use raised ink only on that element. Just remember to have enough contrast — the thermographic element would need to be black or your darkest corporate color, with the rest of the code printed in grey or a subtly lighter version of the corporate color.
  • We’ve also seen designers create a sort of container for the QR code using raised ink. One way to do this is to print the back of the business card using raised ink, full bleed, in a corporate color. Then place the QR code in a window of white space where it can’t be missed.
  • A more playful way to do the “container” idea would be to use a raised ink design to frame the QR code. For example, you could use a graphic representing a smart phone, mobile device, office building, or even a speech balloon. The creative possibilities are endless!
  • Keep in mind that Short Run Printing can combine thermography with a variety of paper stocks — including linen, laid, and colored stocks — and various finishes. Just make sure you remember the contrast rule so your QR code can be easily scanned. And it’s always a good idea to test the QR code prior to submitting your order.

The design world has only scratched the surface of working with QR codes. And right now, Short Run Printing is the only printing company to offer raised ink thermography printing for QR codes. Let’s put our heads together on some groundbreaking designs! Share your thoughts or questions on thermography and QR codes in the comments below.

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